Janet: She is really, highly recomended for this kind of work

Janet, psychologist at Vincere Plettenburg (South Africa):

“First of all: she is doing highly professional work. I worked with two of the patients with whom she did an intervention. She breaks through the denial of the people that she sends. Peggy-Sue is a very important link between us and the Netherlands. I can always contact her and we share important processes the patients are going through. She also does some intervention services with the families, which is part of the overall treatment of the addict.

Peggy-Sue can break through the denial and get people into treatment. The most of them felt angry and say words like: ‘how can you do this to me!’, but it never takes long until they realize it was necesary. If they didn’t have the interventions they probably would never have decided to come for treatment. When we do our work with the patients here, Peggy-Sue worked with the families on their part of the problem. So we share the treatment progress of the patient from South Africa to Holland in order to help the families work on the problem as well. Besides that she also arranges the aftercare of the patient. The day the patient leaves, everything is arranged. So she is really efficient in what she is doing. I am grateful for her excellent knowledge, her honestly, professionality and the passion for her work with addicts. I really enjoy our connection and the work we can do together.
I think Peggy-Sue is really, highly recommended for this kind of work.”